Is it true that the ex-PM of Pakistan Shri Navaz Sharif has been poisoned?

Mudassir Ali
Dec 22, 2019 11:40 AM 0 Answers
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Is it true that the ex-PM of Pakistan Shri Navaz Sharif has been poisoned?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 22, 2019 11:41 AM

There are certain fundamentally common points that directly related to SHRI Nawaz Sharriff saheb, and SHRI Zardari saheb.They both can not to be as easily poisoned as my Honourable questioner assumes.

They both are manufactured of different kind of soul from any other common human being. They both have their respective agandas to complete. For example. Both SHRI Nawaz Sharriff saheb and SHRI Zardari saheb are desperately needed by poor Pakistani like myself to release to us the Billions of Dollars that they have robbed from us over a number of years. Therefore, to the disappointment of the questioner. They cannot that easily die by poison or any other cause. We Pakistani simply need our Looted money back. That’s all. Thereafter, if they want to die by being poisoned or otherwise. They are most welcome to go ahead. But, not before that. In case, they do die before that. According to our PAKHTUN(PATHAN) tradition. We Pakistani be chasing their next of kin up to their graves. We are simply committed to this noble cause.

As, i have stated above about SHRI Nawaz shariff saheb that he cannot be poisoned by anybody, till he pays us off.

But, interestingly, his Highness SHRI NARENDAR MODI JI saheb has been found by ISI engaged in raising funds for him to pay off his dues. In Pakistan, it came to light a few days ago that his Highness SHRI NARENDAR MODI JI saheb had given this task to a gentle man known to be Mr, Anil Abani, who is the chairman of Alliance Defense Ltd. He was allegedly given task by his Highness SHRI NARENDAR MODI JI saheb to act as a middle man in acquiring RAFAEL Fighter jets from France. And, a large sum of commission that he would earn from the deal, would have been utalised towards freeing SHRI NAWAZ SHARRIFF saheb from the captivity of Pakistanis.

But, Pakistani ISI recently intercepted a message from his Highness SHRI NARENDAR MODI JI saheb to SHRI Nawaz Sharriff saheb saying somewhat this. I did my best(BAHIA) to help you, but, bloody Rahut Gandhi has exposed me. Therefore, at present I am not in a position to pay off your Billions of Looted dollars from Pakistanis. He also said to him that, if it was a matter of much less than that. I could have paid off from my own savings that I accumulated from the sale of tea. ( He also used a few sentences in Gujrati language, as follow, (Bahia mahnnee mahn tokkee owcha. Mahnnee khabhr na thee.)

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