Is it true when Pakistanis go abroad they claim they are Indians?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 17, 2020 04:59 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 17, 2020 05:00 AM

Usually a Pakistani will never claim that he/she is Indian as they are very patriotic but there may be few shopkeepers or restaurant guys who may claim themselves as Indians as they may be running Indian restaurant or grocery store

There is one incident which I would like to highlight though. I was travelling from Frankfurt to Stuttgart and guy sitting next to me was from South East Asia and guy sitting in front of us was from Germany

German : “Indien?(Indians)”
Us : “Ja (yes)”
Him : “Softwareentwickler?(Software professionals/developers)”
Us : “Ja”
Him : “You guys are everywhere man! Which city in India?”
Me : “Bengaluru”
Guy next to me : “Hyderabad”
German : “Cool”

He started listening to music. I turned to the guy next to me and asked him in Telugu “Mīru ekkaḍa panichēstunnāru?” (Where do you work?)

Him : “Bhaijaan maaf keejiye mai Pakistan se hoon” (Apologies bro, I am from Pakistan)
Me : “Ohhh”
Him : “Mujhe yaqeen hai bhaijaan ki aap hairan hai aur ye jaanna chaahte hai ki Pakistan se hone ke bawjood maine apna mulk Hindustan kyun bataya?”
(I am sure brother you are surprised and want to know that despite the fact I am from Pakistan why did I say my country is India)

“Kya aap jaante hai bhaijaan ki hum kisi bhi ilake mein kitni bhi kamyabi kyun na hasil kar le kaafi log Pakistan ko dehshatgardi mulk se hi jaante hey. Abhi haal hi mey mai jab Amrika aur Roos gaya to mujhe kaafi ajeeb sawalon ke jawab dene pade the jinke taluqaat mere kaam se nahi lekin mere mulk se tha”

(Do you know brother, despite being successful in many fields, many still consider Pakistan as breeding ground of terrorism. Recently I went to the USA and Russia and I had to answer several awkward questions which were no way related to my field of work but were related to my country)

“Mujhe apne mulk pe fakhr hai lekin mein ye napasandeedah sawalon ka jawab dobarah nahi dena chahta hoon lehaza mai abhi logon ko rokta nahi hoon, agar wo meri shinakht Hindustani ke taur pe kare to mai ab logon ko nahi rokta”

(I am proud of my country but I am not interested in answering these unpleasant questions again and that is the reason I have stopped interrupting people when they identify me as Indian)

“Aur ek cheez zyaadatar Pakistani Hindustaniyon se nafrat nahin karte, haqeeqat mai hum jaante hey ki science and technology mai aap log humse kaafi behtar hai”

(And one more thing, most Pakistanis don’t hate Indians, in reality we know it very well that when it comes to Science and Technology, you guys are far ahead of us)

Well above may be just a one off case. I have interacted with several Pakistani people in Singapore and in EU and they don’t claim themselves as Indians

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