Is John McCain really a hero, considering he was captured?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 26, 2020 01:23 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 26, 2020 01:23 PM

This question is stupid.

He can actually be a hero and have been captured. He can be a hero because of what happened after he was captured. He could have been a horrible officer who made a remarkable example with his comportment while a prisoner.

McCain got captured. So did a lot of other guys. Do we dismiss their service too, for a vindictive political grudge?

McCain got shot down by a SAM over the North Vietnamese capital in the heat of the war. He was seriously wounded, permanently, in the ditch. He got tortured and he turned down an early exit pass, because of family connections.

Is that heroic?

The only people who can answer that are other POWs. I’m going to guess that the anonymous moniker who asked this question isn’t qualified to ask it. Neither was then Candidate Trump.

Trump was a draft dodger who got daddy’s doctor to invent some bogus excuse to keep him out of the service. Then 50 years later he has the gall to question someone else’s service?

That’s a coward play.

I don’t fault Trump for avoiding Vietnam. It was an ugly and unpopular war that was a meat grinder for that generation. He should have the good sense to not attack the guys who did go.

Thats tasteless.

That comment from Donald Trump was the end for him with me. It is not because of John McCain’s service or character or that of any of the other veterans in Congress. It was about Trump and his glaring character deficiency.

President Trump is a wimp who felt threatened by John McCain. So he lashed out. That others have taken this up is only a clear indicator that they too lack character and may in fact be wimps who are jealous of the fact the John McCain made something of value out of his time on Earth and they have not.

Quit posting these questions anonymously, it’s a clear indication that you know the question is invalid and deficient in both factual grounding and spiritual rigor.

At least Trump owns his deplorable comments.

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