Is Malaysia good as a tourist destination?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 12, 2020 05:15 AM

Originally Answered: Is Malaysia good as a tourist destination ?
I really like Malaysia, I’ve visited both the Malay Penninsula and Sabah Province in Borneo.
I loved Langkawi, the sandy beaches, the ancient rainforest. I loved Georgetown, sleepy colonial town with an amazing mix of cultures. I loved snorkelling off Mabul Island and seeing amazing turtles and sea life. I both loved and loathed my trip up the Kalimantan to see the Orangutans. The wildlife was amazing, the trip was excellent, the deforestation around it was heart breaking. I like K.L. it’s a nice city, easy to get around, great food, feels very safe.
So lots and lots of positives. The only thing it maybe lacks is buzz. That party spirit. Bangkok is terrifying but it is buzzing with energy and life. The Thai islands are buzzing with wild parties and nightclubs. For me that is not a priority. I was perfectly happy relaxing with a beer in the chilled out places I visited, but if you want to party you might be better off in Thailand.

Note: The majority of the time it’s really easy to get around S.E Asia without planning in advance. Borneo is different, I cannot stress enough, that if you want to do a river trip up the Kalimantan to see the Orangutans and my personal favourite the Probiscus monkeys, If you want to climb Mt Kinebalu and if you want to stay on Mabul Island and dive or snorkel then you must, must book in advance

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