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  1. I don’t think that Nawaz sharif is a revolutionary leader for Pakistan, but at the same time he is at least better than other politicians like Zardari or Imran khan.

    Look what did since 2013

    Curb terrorism

    Since 2013 we have made a tremendous progress regarding law and order situation. Before that Suicide bomb were rampant. Yes i agree that every Pakistani has paid for it, but since PMLN came in power we brought effectiveness against terrorism.

    Peace in Karachi

    The perennial Law and order situation in Karachi dates back to Bhutto era, when he was actually alive. So, it was more than the offshoot of 9/11. It was Nawaz Sharif who cleaned these wastes, though he is not in power in Sindh.

    Load shedding.

    After 2013 PML N govt has managed to put 10000MG electricity in the system, which is almost equal to what we have generated since our independence.

    Nawaz govt put CPEC on its track effectively, now Motorway connect Karachi to Peshawer. For the first time it is laid in Balochistan. These infrastructure will play a pivotal role in country’s economy. He also showed political maturity by allowing IK to form govt in Kpk though he could bring his own Party, in the same way he allowed Nationalist Parties in Balochistan to make their govt who were even lost their faith on mainstream Pakistani political setup before 2013 election. We got 3G-4G, Motorways, Metros, Cricket is back to home. LMG, LPG was brought to Pakistan and this winter, for the first time, we didn’t notice serious gas shortage across the country.

    Meanwhile, there is Imran khan who did nothing but Dharnas (sit-in ), rallies and all that which could possibly topple the govt and make him Prime minister. His claims of changing KPK province is completely against the ground realities. It was Punjab police who helped KPK to catch the culprit of Mardan incident. When Dengue plagued Peshawar again Punjab helped them. Certainly Kpk is not flooded with milk and Honey, not at all.

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