Is Pakistan a beautiful country?


Is Pakistan a beautiful country?

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  1. Originally Answered: Is Pakistan the most beautiful country in the world?

    Is Pakistan the most beautiful country of the world?

    Yeah ,That’s right!

    I don’t just say it… it actually is.,Perhaps it is beautiful!

    To me,it’s a blessed wonderland ,Where there is everything one wishes for his/her country.

    It is beautiful because:
    It’s my homeland.
    It is blessed with everything I wish we had!
    At one side there are Northern areas with World’s second largest peak k-2.
    At the other hand there is a big desert.
    World’s biggest salt mine,oil ,sui gas ,reserves.
    It is blessed with the forests.The world largest forest Changa- Manga.
    It has two sea ports running over the whole year.And much more ALHAMDULILLAH!
    Yeah ,has got Four seasons,you know!
    I wonder there are people ,who face winter season for whole year,others have summer season.Some of countries face lack of water.But in Pakistan we enjoy summer from May to September,then fall September-November ,Winter season in December-February and spring in March and April.There is rainy season in summer as well .

    This is right where I live!

    In the capital , filled with greenery ,sound, peaceful environment.A Hilly dreamland, when look at the back of my Home .

    Also If you visit Pakistan You’d experience much more than I could write on.

    I am gonna share some of the pictures here.

    Shimshal lake,Hamza Nagar District:

    Deosai plains,Northern Pakistan:

    Makran Coast,Balochistan:

    Kundal shahi, Azad Kashmir:

    Keenjhar lake,Sindh:

    Kachura Lake, Skardu:



    And much more!

    Hope you’d enjoy reading this,i I think tourist would really enjoy visiting Pakistan.

    Live Long Pakistan


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