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  1. It isn’t , especially with the conception of common core in our modern public education system. Schools don’t cater to lifelong skills, thats why you have 20 year olds who cant tell you a lick about doing taxes, or basic home ec skills, or how to do anything in the real world but will be able to tell you pointless crap like trigonometry (this is for average people not engineers or any high up folks like that) or the famous “mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”. It’s what you actually learn in life from actual experience that matters in my eyes. Experience in the real world for me counts because you can spend 13 years in the public education system and 4–8 more in college and still not know essentially life skills or experiences that your average person 30+ years ago knew. If i was an employer in our cruel world i’d choose someone who had actual experience in the field and no college degree than someone who spent years in school because I know that in schools they never really teach you anything that matters when you graduate (college is the only exception in my book, because you pick what you specialize in, but even that is 50/50 as well because again people teach the classes). The facts don’t matter in the case of our real world, its whether or not you can function without someone holding your hand and telling you what to do and you being able to do it, its survival of the fittest in our society and our schools don’t do anything to prepare you, you’d be better off just not going with the crap they preach these days.

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