Is SurveyMonkey a recommended tool for market research? Why?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 06, 2020 03:34 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 06, 2020 03:34 PM

Hi, if you want to do market research using any survey tool is crucial to have a high completion rate on your survey…so maybe you can create “Sexy Survey” and get Higher Completion Rate 🙂

You are probably familiar with these tips when trying to make your surveys enjoyable to fill out. Following best practices allows you getting the most out of your interactions with the audience. Sexy surveys need those features also, but what makes them sky-rocketing are:

one page per question forms,
mobile-friendly experience.

Taking into account all that advises gained previously and focusing on these two features, allowing get even 35% and higher completion rates.

So If you want to create good looking survey you can check Engageform by 4screens – using this tool you can not only create mobile-friendly beautiful surveys but also quizzes and polls that you can use to generate new leads and get customer feedback.

Here is short video that shows how you can easily create beautiful mobile-friendly surveys:

In addition you can also use quizzes to gain customer feedback. They are very effective in terms of acquiring customer data and what is interesting that according to Adweek, quizzes are the most shared content type on Facebook!

Here is also example of Telenor Quiz that that won Social Idea of the Year on Mumbrella Asia Awards 2017

So now let me describe Engageform it in the 3 short points:

1. Quick build and design – on the average I spend about 10 minutes creating Survey without any need of programming skills and present it beautifully on smartphones, tablets and desktop

2. Easy sharing and embedding – it only takes a moment to share your survey, quiz or poll with the rest of the world. Embed on your site, send in e-mail or SMS.

3. Stats & leads – Discover the consumer insights with real-time analytics. View and export all of the results and follow your audience choices on every question. Integrate with e-mail and marketing automation systems

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