Is the corona virus going to get worse?

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  1. Originally Answered: Is Corona Virus going to get worse?
    There is very high possibility if people not listen to the government rules.

    For Example

    We see that China has very Huge number of cases and it is in final stage of this pandemic virus Covid-19. The government of China imposed very strict rules to control spread of this disease. People in China strictly followed their govt rules and now it is in controlled phase, still lot of affected people are being treated by the doctors. Atleast by following government rules it came to controlled state. Now very few cases are coming into picture per day in China and the death rate is controlled. On the other hand Italy is fighting this disease very badly. The death rate due to corona increased more than China’s death rate. I pray it would reduce very soon.

    But entire world is criticizing China as they are responsible for the spread of this deadly virus. In my view whoever may responsible for the cause, Now it’s every individual turn to be a responsible citizen to entire world to stop the spread of the disease.

    We know one proverb that “Prevention is better than cure”. Government should impose very strict rules all over the world to stop the spread of this virus.

    Will power and positive mind is very good medicine for any disease. People should develop very high will power, so that nothing can affect them. If people developed their mind in such a way no virus will be dangerous.

    Unity is strength- Now it’s time for every individual to fight against the virus. Please stay home for some days and don’t travel unnecessarly, atleast it will help to reduce number of cases to spread this virus. Please wash your hands and eat hygiene food and improve your immunity power. There will be chance to our doctors to cure this disease of it controlled spreading to more people. Hope soon our scientists will invent permanent vaccine to cure permanently.

    Stay safe be strong- that is the only possibility to fight against this deadly virus. So that corona virus won’t become worse.

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