Is the coronavirus a worry in Spain?

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  1. Not yet, people don’t even think on wearing masks as daily basis by the moment but… there are not any at the usual shops like pharmacies or hardware stores, maybe because the Chinese community has bought all of them to send them to their country, as I was told in one of them.

    Being such a touristic country it was just a question of time when they would bring the virus here. We have been quite lucky because the initial infected (a German infected in Germany, a British infected in France and an Italian doctor and his wife infected in Italy chose not only islands (La Gomera and Tenerife are Canarian islands and Palma de Mallorca a Balearian island) but quite warm territories in which the trasnmission is not helped by the cold. Now we have confirmed cases in mainland, the Iberian Peninsula, and the situation could be changed quickly but on the other hand spring and its warm weather is coming to relieve us, not counting summer.

    I fear for Argentine and Chile because they are in summer now but low temperatures could get a mess down there, in Latin America.

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