Is the Indian Army afraid of Pakistan’s army?

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Mudassir Ali
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I belong to a family with martial background and have family members serving in Pakistan Armed Forces. I guess I’m eligible to answer this question.

Every soldier regardless of caste, race, religion or country fights for his honor as well as of his nation. By asking such kind of question is sort of disrespect towards the other side.

As far as your question “Is the Indian Army afraid of Pakistan’s army? is concerned, I would like to tell you very clearly that both Indian and Pakistan Army acknowledge the bravery of each other on different occasions and platforms. Today I would like to share heart touching story of Lt Arun Khetrpal’s father Brig ML Khetrapal.

Arun died in Battlefield of Shakargarh on Dec 16, 1971. He earned Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military decoration.

Brigadier M.L. Khetarpal’s, father of Arun had family roots in Sargodha (modern-day Punjab, Pakistan). Brigadier Khwaja Mohammed Naser (Pakistan Army) knew and contacted M.L Kheterpal if he is interested to visit Pakistan. Mr. Kheterpal accepted the proposal and visits Pakistan in 2001.

Brigadier Khawja Mohammad Naser personally received Mr. Kheterpal and acted as a guide for him so it could make things easier for him in Pakistan. He facilitated Mr. Kheterpal to locate his ancestral house in Sargodha. Mr. Kheterpal received extreme kindness deference from Khawaja sb’s family members as well as servants.

When Brigadier M.L.. Khetarpal was returning back to India, Khawja Mohammad Naser confessed something to him in a very emotional manner.

‘Sir there is something that I wanted to tell you for many years but I did not know how to get through to you. Finally, fate has intervened and sent you to me as an honored guest. The last few days we have become close to one another and that has made my task even more difficult. It is regarding your son who is, of course, a national hero in India. However, on that fateful day, your son and I were soldiers, unknown to one another, fighting for the respect and safety of our respective countries. I regret to tell you that your son died in my hands. Arun’s courage was exemplary and he moved his tank with fearless courage and daring, totally unconcerned about his safety. Tank casualties were very high till finally there were just two of us left facing one another. We both fired simultaneously. It was destined that I was to live and he was to die.

It is only later that I got to know how young he was and who he was. We are trained to fight and kill without mercy or remorse. We do in war what we have to without thinking too much about it. However, we are humans too and sometimes war takes a personal turn and makes an impact on the inner self.

I had all along thought that I would ask your forgiveness, but in telling the story I realize that there is nothing to forgive. Instead
I salute your son for what he did at such a young age and I salute you too because I know how he grew into such a young man. In the end, it is the character and values that matter.”

When Brigadier M.L. Khetarpal reached Delhi, he received a warm note from Khawaja Mohammad Naser.

With Warmest regards and utmost sincerity, To: Brigadier M.L. Khetarpal, father of Shaheed Second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal, PVC,
who stood like an unsurmountable rock, between the victory and failure, of the counter-attack by the ‘SPEARHEADS’ 13 LANCERS on 16 December 1971 in the battle of “Bara Pind’ as we call it and battle of “Basantar’ as 17 Poona Horse remembers.

I did mention in my other response related to Karnal Sher Khan, whose bravery was acknowledged by the Indian Army during Kargil war and he was given “Nishan e Haider”, the highest military award of Pakistan based upon their recommendation.

Before someone calls me “Anti-National” or one who “Keep his neighbors happy”, this story was posted at Pakistan Defense Forum.

This is what Khawaja Mohammad Naser said.

There are never any victors in war, both sides lose and it is the families that have to pay the price and suffer the most. As someone once said ‘ Wars are created by politicians, compounded by bureaucrats and fought by soldiers.

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