Is the Indian government taking charges of the treatment for corona in hospitals?

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  1. Why should Indian government pay hospitals when cow’s urine and Cow’s dung will help indian patients? Every street in village has that cow’s urine and Cow’s dung in excess over their roads. So no need to send worthless money minded mbbs docs to rural postings. Rural people just need Dr. Amir Khan and Dr. Vijay to come in mass media and train them how to treat all diseases using cow’s urine and Cow’s dung.

    But it is proven that cow’s urine and Cow’s dung never works for politicians, law makers and policy makers. Hence they are forced to fly to other countries which has allopathic care under tax payers money.

    So the tax payer gets cow’s urine and Cow’s dung for the tax they have paid and the expectations they have. Politicians get high technology allopathy treatment under tax payers money. Lol.. Society will get what it deserves.

    For running such a massive government machinery the tax we indians are paying are peanuts!! Only beneficiary are the poor and farmers who are not paying any taxes.

    Until indians are sentimental fools, the country will never develop. Poor are poor due to mismanagement of the funds and freebies they get.

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