Is the IPL really real or fixed?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 10, 2020 04:31 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 10, 2020 04:31 PM

If you think all these things happening in IPL are real then my friend I am sorry to say but You’re wrong. IPL is Fixed.

Have you ever wondered why all IPL matches are so interesting? Every match is going till the last. So many ups & downs. You will find very few boring matches.

It’s called Spot Fixing. Not every person can understand this thing. It is way ahead to the thinking of Normal Human Being.

Now People must be thinking WHY? Why Fixing?

Let me tell you this is not a real cricket. Now everything is Business. IPL is for Entertainment. You watch the match you’ll get entertained, Bookies make these matches entertaining to earn money which we can’t even think. It is not like only IPL is Fixed, All others as well are fixed but Obviously IPL is the Biggest League. No League has Players like IPL. PSL, BPL, CPL etc every league has spot fixing. It is not like Bookies only love India. Players are same so it is stupid to think it is not happening in other leagues.

This season, If you have noticed a lot of Bowlers bowled Beamer. There was at least 2–3 beamer in a single match. Umpiring was also poor in this IPL. Bowling Beamer & Umpires were the source of fixing in this season. No one would doubt Umpires & Bowl can slip from anybody’s hand will be the excuse.

Let me highlight some IPL matches where I am sure spot fixing was done:

Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals 56th Match 2014

Rajasthan batted first & scored 189–4. Mumbai had to achieve the Target in 14.3 overs to Qualify. Rajasthan were the favorites to win the game & that’s what bookies want. Somehow Mumbai reached at the same score 189 in 14.3 overs where all were thinking that Mumbai is out of the league but This is IPL & Everything is possible. Suddenly there was an announcement that If the Batsman hit the six on next ball then Mumbai will qualify. Aditya Tare was the batsman who hardly gets any game at that time & Bowler was James Faulkner who was a great bowler at that time. Faulkner bowled a full toss on the leg side where any average batsman can hit for a six & that’s what happened there. He hit the Six. After the Match all Cricket Pundits started to explaining the run rate method but We all know what happened there.

Mumbai Indians vs Rising Pune Supergiants Final 2017

This match was a Big Joke. This match was played in Hyderabad where average score of that season was 160 & All Batsman were scoring runs on that pitch. RPS failed to chase 130 on the same pitch. MI batted first & scored 129 where everyone thinks that RPS would win it easily & that’s where the stakes were high on RPS win. Bookies turned it around to earn huge money. They took it till the last to multiply more money & changed it. If you check the last over of this match then you will understand. So many ups & downs then MI won by 1 run.

Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super Kings 25th Match 2019

Spot Fixing usually done on Overs & sometimes on a ball as well. Here it was done on the last over of the match. There were many ups & downs but I would talk only about last over because that will be enough to prove. Ben Stokes bowled the last over. 18 runs were needed & Dhoni was still on the crease. First ball outside off good length ball Jadeja hit the Six. Second ball was height no ball. Dhoni comes on strike. Second ball again Dhoni took 2 runs. Now 8 runs needed off 4 balls. CSK were favorite to win so time for some turn around. Next ball Dhoni bowled, New batsman on the crease 8 runs off 3 balls. Now Rajasthan were the favorite. 4th ball again beamer tried for another no ball but not given. on the last ball 4 runs were needed, Stokes bowled outside off good length ball again. This time given wide. Again final ball again outside off good length ball. This time Santner hit for six. CSK WON.

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings Final 2019

I laughed my ass off after watching this match. It was a repeat telecast of 2017 Final. They didn’t even care to change the script. Again Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Hyderabad. Average score this season 170–180. Again 1 run win so no point of repeating same things again. Dekock missed the keeping that went 4 runs in the second last over was intentional. Target of that over was short so Dekock helped to finish it. Dhoni runout was actually not-out but Umpires were the sources of fixing this season so not surprised. CSK were the favorite in last over, Watson runout in last over then sending Shardul instead of Bhajji or Chahar was unexpected but not surprised. Again MI Won by 1 run.

This does not mean only RR, MI or CSK fix matches. Other teams are also involved like RCB & KKR. I am not mentioning their matches because then it would make my answer very long.

You must be thinking who is behind all this? Many people are involved in it but Obviously Baahubali can only be one. It is none other than:

Mr. Ambani

These things are beyond our imagination so do not think about much about it. I have mentioned only 1% of this whole thing. I would suggest not to support any team in IPL, all teams have our players. Just enjoy it because It is for Entertainment. Players also should not be blamed for this because they do not have any other option. This is bigger than all these players so they can’t do anything.

Entertainment is done now. It time to some Real Cricket, World Cup is coming & I hope India will win.

P.S.: Any Team Supporter please stay away from it. This is not for you & No, I am not a CSK Fan. I am just another Die hard Cricket Fan who is following it from last 2 Decades.

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