Is the KFC secret recipe any different now than it was when it opened?

Mudassir Ali 9 months 1 Answer 131 views

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  1. Originally Answered: Have you been to KFC lately, and do you feel they have changed their recipe. I don’t think it tastes the same anymore?
    The last time I had KFC it was to try their chicken and waffles meal, I had tried it once before and was greatly disappointed, but at the time I was very cold very hungry and somewhat tired, so I gave it a second chance to make sure. My problem with it was that the image of chicken and waffles is a play between sweet and savory, the chicken was bland and a bit dry and the waffles were two small waffle strips which would have been OK but you only got this one little portion of syrup, (it was Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, a pretty good one) but their was no way to stretch out the syrup enough to make it last.

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