Is the Pakistan Army really a Punjabi dominant army?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 08, 2020 04:58 AM

Since the independence of Pakistan, army has been commanded by 16 Chiefs of which the first two were Britishers. Out of these 14 native commanders; 4 were Pashtun, 1 was Baloch, 3 were Mohajir and 6 were Punjabi.

1. The first native Chief was ethnic Pashtun (Ayub). He ruled the country for eleven years.

2. The second Chief (Musa) belonged to the minority Hazara tribe and was a Shiite Muslim. He gallantly defended Pakistan in 1965 war.

3. The next controversial Chief (Yahya) was also Pashtun and Shiite Muslim but with Persian ancestry. He ruled the country briefly from nearly 3 years.

4. The next Chief (Gul Hassan) was country’s only three star General to hold this coveted position. He was a Sunni Pashtun, also born in Baluchistan.

5. The next Commander was First Punjabi Sunni Chief (Tikka) who took command on 1972.

6. Another military ruler, the sixth Chief (Zia) was a Punjabi Sunni migrant (Mohajir) from India and ruled the country for 11 years.

7. He was replaced with another migrant (Mohajir) from India but he was Urdu speaking, the national language of Pakistan (Mirza Aslam).

8. Then, another Punjabi Sunni General (Asif Janjua) took the reins of Pakistan Army until his sudden death.

9. His replacement again came from Balochistan’s Pashtun lot (Waheed Kakar).

10. Then a Punjabi commanded Army until he resigned over differences with PM (Jehangir Karamat).

11. He was replaced by another Urdu speaking migrant (Mohajir) from India who later staged coup and ruled Pakistan for nine years (Pervez Musharraf).

12. Since then, three generals have commanded 6th largest army of the world; all of them are Punjabis (Kiyani, Raheel & Bajwa).

Punjab has the largest representation in the armed forces, bureaucracy and judiciary BECAUSE it is the most populated province of the country. Out of 193 million Pakistanis, 110 million live in Punjab (56%) and induction in government services are based on administrative quotas (Province, Districts etc).

Therefore, the percentage wise representation in Pakistan Army (Officers, JCO, NCOs, ORs) is as follows: Punjabis (51%), Pashtuns (20%), Sindhis (16%), Azad Kashmir & Northern Areas (9.1%), Balochis (3.2%) and Minorities: 0.7%.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Pakistan military also has Christian and Ahmadiyya General Officers. It has serving and martyred Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Ahmadiyya male/female officers and troops, some of them are revered as war heroes. It is the only Sunni Muslim country headed repeatedly both politically and militarily by Shiites, an exception in Muslim world divided on Sectarian lines.

Last but not the least; it has woman General officers, field duty troops, fighter pilots and martyrs!

Pakistan Armed Forces are a symbol of National Unity and Pakistan is FOR ALL!

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