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  1. Yes, right after I win a Nobel! 🙂

    Reports of US collapsing are quite popular these days. But they don’t jive with reality. US is the key member of the largest military alliance – NATO. It is also the single largest market which means that many countries are all too happy to supply US with just about anything regardless of the environmental devastation it brings at home. Yes, US is in debt and BIG debt it is. But it is not denominated in gold or silver or British pounds or square feet of lumber. It is denominated in US dollars which the US government is free to print at will.

    Such is the lure of US dollars that fairly smart and sane countries are perfectly willing to invest in US treasuries at LOWER than inflation rates. Think about it. You would not be holding a $5 gift card of a store going under. The BRICS, the CIVETS, the PIIGS and all the other countries are holding US dollars.

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