Is the United States on the verge of collapse?


Is the United States on the verge of collapse?

Mudassir Ali 5 months 1 Answer 125 views

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  1. Yes, the population has been brainwashed with socialist ideology for the past 30 yrs. These people were taught to be entitled and coddled to the point that they demand “safe-spaces” where no thought that disagrees with their controlled view of the world is banned. If so confronted with ANY controversy, the literally CRY and demonstrate. Contrast them to their grandparents that stood up to socialism & protected our Democracy and constitution. They spend hours every day on their PC’s , yet NEVER think to actually talk to people that actually live under socialism. The WW2 generation is almost gone, the Boomers are retiring . Polls are already showing a minority would prefer socialism. Soon there will be no one left that cares about freedom. No politician that says, “ Ask not what your country can do for you” Our country will dissolve under uncontrolled entitlement spending . And we will have a re-written constitution, everyone will have a job. If you don’t like that job, you get a free pass to special camps. If you want better pay, forget about it. If you want supermarkets filled with your favorite foods and products… dream on & get in line for whatever they have. If you want to protest agains the President and say nasty things about him ( like you did to President Trump).. it was nice know you AND YOUR FAMILY. It took Eastern Europe about 40 yrs to get back to democracy, that THEY HATED Socialism from the start. So, figure it will take the US to get back to Democracy at least 60 yrs.

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