Is the United States prepared for a coronavirus outbreak?

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  1. Very few people are trained in how to avoid contamination in a pandemic.

    Bleach, extra soap and hand sanitizer,Kleenex, N-95 face masks and non-Latex gloves, garbage bags, duct tape, 3ml roll of plastic sheeting, 6–8 weeks of food and water. Because we will experience a shortage in pharmacueticals you will need to ask your doctor if he will give one extra months supply. You will need to stock up on cough syrup with a decongestant such as Mucinex Fast-Max DM, Max Strength Chest Congestion Relief with Guaifenesin. Pain relievers are good to have on hand both Advil and Tylenol.

    First things first. DO NOT go into public unless absolutely necessary! Wear gloves, glasses and a mask in public and keep your hands away from your face. Throw the gloves in the trash on the way out of the store and rub a good dolop of hand sanitizer into your hands before touching your car door. ALWAYS take off your shoes outside of your home and hang your coat on a hook there as well (porch or garage). Go and change your clothing before any touching or hugging. Place your clothes in a trash bagged bucket…not on the floor! Ok, here is where it can get complicated. You will need to make up a 5:1 bleach solution (1part bleach 5 parts water) in a spray bottle to spray on any groceries that are brought into your home before you put them away. I glove up and carry the groceries into the house and place the items in my kitchen sink spraying them down one by one. Then I unglove (properly!! and place the gloves in a double trash bag system in a 5 gal bucket by the door for disposal).

    IF someone becomes ill with the CoVid-19 virus in your home they must be quarantined IMMEDIATELY! Choose only one person to care take the individual not 2–3. Tape off a 5×8′ area from floor to ceiling away from the main part of your home in a well ventilated area. Do not go in and do not allow the individual out. A bucket portapotty may be used if there is not another bathroom that no one uses in the quarantined area behind closed doors. All clothing bedding, etc. must be washed in very hot water on a full cycle. When interacting with a sick individual always be gloved and protected with a body suit, mask, goggles and a lab visor if possible. Use disposable utensils, plates and cups. If transporting becomes necessary tape off the back seat from the front of the car with your plastic sheeting and duct tape, be sure to cover the seats and crack the window in the back. Do not reuse gloves and masks. I’m sure I have probably forgotten something which I will edit later as I remember. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…stay home, limit visitors, do not eat in restaurants, wash your hands OFTEN, do not fly or use public transportation unless absolutely necessary. Eat well, reduce your stress if you can and know when to begin working from home and keep your children from the classrooms. Remember to have schoolwork scanned and emailed versus picking it up. Scan and send back. I hope that I have shared some valuable information. Eyes open and take care.

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