Is there a treatment for the Coronavirus?

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  1. Originally Answered: How will scientists find the cure to the coronavirus?
    How will scientists find the cure to the coronavirus?

    Serious viral respiratory illnesses are generally best managed via prevention, which means vaccination, hand washing and limiting interpersonal contact. The need for a coronavirus vaccine is not yet entirely clear, but you can bet the unsung heroes of global public health are already hard at work on it. There are no true cidal antibiotics for these kind of viruses, though there are medications which can shorten the severity and reduce the duration of symptoms…and thus probably save lives if used early enough.

    Lest my remarks above concerning antibiotics for viral illness be misinterpreted, I will clarify by reminding readers of this answer that we now have direct acting, viruscidal agents that are , in fact, viral antibiotics. There are several of these, all used to kill various subtypes of hepatitis C. We currently have none that are effective against other viruses, like the coronavirus family.

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