Is there any case of the coronavirus in India yet?

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  1. Yes, in fact, there are 74 cases of COVID-19 (name of the disease caused by the coronavirus) detected so far in India. They are detected in 10 states and 3 UTs of India. Following are those states/UTs:-

    • Ladakh (UT)-> 3 Indians have been infected from coronavirus here. All three went to Iran for pilgrimage.
    • Jammu and Kashmir (UT)-> there is only 1 positive case of COVID-19 in J&K. She is a senior citizen who came back from Iran recently.
    • Punjab-> only 1 Indian has been detected to be infected by this virus here. He is a resident of Hoshiarpur who came back from Italy.
    • Haryana-> 14 Italians have …

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