Is there any confirmed coronavirus case in Mumbai?

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  1. This is biggest point of worry for every over crowded cities of India where visitors and NRIs comes from different countries where the chances of transmission of covid-19 to healthier subjects are far more at airports,hotels and railway stations.That has posed a higher threat to Metropolitan like Mumbai which is highly crowded and congested where people lives in confined environment during traveling where chances of infection during sneezing,coughing and touching are much more than other places.Thus India is now on red alert for covid-19 as National capital New Delhi has two positive cases of corona virus infection even Jaipur has one case for Covid-19 that is under treatment.Surprisingly India is fortunate not to have any death reported because of covid-19 infection.But again big business hubs like Mumbai might have higher chances of spread of diseases due to larger chunk of people that follows non vegan diet and sea animals like fishes,chicken and zinga where mutatation of virus is more speedy to harbour spread of covid-19 infection in people who takes such foods as their dietary in take in day to day life.That’s being reason in last 48 hrs media channels are pro actively warning public about the early signs and symptoms of Covid-19 infection while health authorities had laid an emphasis on use of masks as protective measure to prevent easy transmission of Covid-19 via sneezing or coughing from any suspected subject.

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