Is there any graffiti in Israel?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 19, 2020 05:13 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 19, 2020 05:14 PM

I actually just took a slight detour from my usual route just to answer this question!

I’m in the city of Tel Aviv right now, where there’s a lot of construction going on right now: the municipality is building a light rail, which is a mix of a subway and a regular railway, and will hopefully ease traffic in Tel Aviv when it’s completed in 2021*.

And I’m sure you know how the old saying goes: where there’s construction – there are fences.

OK, that’s not how the saying goes, but you get the drift. Usually these fences will be quite uninspiring and bland (see image above), but the company which is constructing the rail actually added a nice touch, by decorating the fence with nice pictures from around the city, as well as adding informative pieces about Tel Aviv and how the construction process works (which is fascinating in its own right!).

There’s one problem, though – as the old saying goes: where there are fences – there’s graffiti.

(That’s not how the saying goes either. Seriously, what’s gotten into me?)

Now, the construction company understood that their fences would be exposed to plenty of graffiti – as can be seen in the other answers, we have our fair share of hormonal teenagers too.

But instead of trying to fight the trend – this particular company embraced it.

They did so by adding special sections to the fence which are meant specifically for graffiti artist to show off their skills, and you know what? For the most part, that positive incentive actually worked!

Not shown are the many sections of the fence which were left untouched, although every now and then you’ll find a rebel…

Pardon the profane gesture, but I actually liked this piece a lot. Not only is it beautifully painted (well, sprayed), but it’s also very expressive: many rats were displaced because of the digging and are now – unfortunately for everyone – looking for new homes.

So, to answer your question: there most certainly is graffiti here in Israel, and it’s made enough of an impact for people to take notice.

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