Is there any treatment for the coronavirus in India?

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  1. Originally Answered: Is there any treatment for the corona virus in India?

    There is no medicine to cure Coronavirus. An outbreak of a new, potentially deadly disease can make physicians want to try everything possible to save their patients.
    Coronavirus has afflicted tens of thousands of people worldwide and killed more than 1,400. Yet we don’t have a standard therapy for the novel coronavirus. As the scientific community scrambles to find a drug that can effectively treat patients sickened by the new coronavirus from China, doctors are trying some surprising remedies: medicines targeting known killers such as HIV, Ebola and malaria.
    Among the potential treatments is an HIV medication that may work to block an enzyme the virus needs to mature. An unapproved medicine used to fight the Ebola virus tested in Chinese patients to see whether it can disrupt the new virus’ genetic material. A widely used around the globe to fight the parasite that causes malaria, is also being tried in China to see if it can slow infection by preventing the virus from infiltrating cells.
    Leading health experts from around the world have met at the World Health Organization’s Geneva headquarters to assess the current level of knowledge about the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, identify gaps and work together to accelerate and fund priority research needed to help stop this outbreak and prepare for any future outbreaks.

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