Is there anything that the Pakistan Army does for its retired officers who have gone bankrupt? If yes, can you please provide me some details?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 08, 2020 04:53 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 08, 2020 04:53 AM

Very wrong facts presented by Ahmed Iqbal. You are quoting Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy by Ayesha Siddiqa which is nothing close to reality and based on some kind of imagination. There is a complete working system of Pak Army in looking after the retired Officers & Soldiers and let me throw some light on it:-

An idea was conceived to start economic ventures by Pak Army with approval of Pak Govt with the aim to re-employ retired ranks (officers & soldiers) and also to boost the economic activity at a very limited scale.
The funds received, for starting the economic ventures, were arranged by Pak Army itself through loans from banks and other friendly countries.
The economic ventures turned out to be a success mainly coz of the managerial & organisation strength imparted by founding members comprising of experience retired General Officers and hired experts from business community inside and out of the country.
Since in Pak, the retired community doesn’t find jobs easily due to unemployment in the country and face grave issues financially to look after the children’s education and marriages.
Govt of Pak doesn’t provide any funds for the economic ventures of Pak Army but only authorised this activity via parliamentary approval coz economy of the country is benefiting through the taxes imposed by the Govt on these setups.
Pak Govt only provides def budget which includes salaries, pension and defence expenditures. No funds for Askari Cements or Fauji Foundation or NLC etc
Whereas, these semi-army economic setups are returning billion of rupees to Govt in form of taxes. One can verify from FBR ( federal board of revenue).
There is no burden of these setups on economy rather it is uplifting the economy.
A fun fact, the business ventures of Pak Army only constitute 5% of the total business sector in Pak.
As far as any officer is bankrupt after retirement, Pak Army can only assist him/her by providing a job in these setups for 2–3 yrs.
The jobs in these setups are contract based for 2–3 yrs (at max) coz in this way the chance is given to every retired individual. There is a complete & elaborate working system behind this process in Pak Army. There are also number of vacancies for the qualified civilians in these setups as well.
These setups after giving taxes and salaries are left with only amount of money to keep the wheels going. These are not billion dollars corporations and one can also check this fact as well.
For Ahmed Iqbal only, the economy of Pak is suffering only coz of corruption of previous elite rulers and their party members and this is well documented fact and you can verify this by watching or reading the news. Please don’t create false perception by writing without checking the facts and ground realities. FYI, you can watch Pak news channels on satellite connection in UK as well

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