Is there corruption in Pakistan army?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 08, 2020 04:49 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 08, 2020 04:50 AM

Yes, there is and probably more than there is in entire Pakistan.

My family deals in telecommunication cables and being the manufacturers we get tenders from different institutes.

Mostly, we get tenders from the Pakistan Army and I can tell you the tales of corruption are shameful.

In Ramadan, my brother who is mainly running the business said to me in the mosque during Taraweeh prayers, “I had to give them 1,000 $ bribe to get my cheque”.

The tenders are released by an institute of the Pakistan Army which I’ll not mention but those involved in business will know.

A cousin of mine said, when you go to this institute for getting your hard earned payment, they’re waiting with their mouths open and ask you blatantly to put a bone in their mouth.

Their behaviour is the same for their own kind too, which is surprising.

A cousin of mine who is a captain in the Pakistan Army had to go to this institute of Pakistan Army to get his paycheck.

He was straightaway asked for bribe.

He is a honest officer and so he refused to give any bribe. He even filed a lawsuit against the institute.

The case went on in the court for an year and as they say, “Date after date after date, the case didn’t seem to end”.

He finally had to give up, apologise and then he got his pay.

General Raheel Shareef being the chief of Army staff court marshalled some high ranked officers for corruption and seized their bank accounts, that’s it, no punishment.

Another cousin of mine who is an airman said, “Two new rooms were made in our complex and it normally costs millions but bill was made of billions”.

All these big deals getting sealed, the generals have their kickbacks in it.


If you’re an ultra nationalistic Pakistani you can believe it’s an Angelic and divine institute.

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