Is there corruption in the Indian Army, and to what extent?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 08, 2020 04:56 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 08, 2020 04:57 AM

Rampant corruption. Yes soldiers die for their country. But doesn’t mean that all of them are honest and dedicated. In today’s triservices, I did say more than 60% soldiers of all ranks are corrupt. Right from a Sepoy to a General Officer. And don’t even ask about defence civilians. They treat officers in uniform like shit. Mainly because the top brass is hand in glove with them in taking commissions from contractors and feeding them free ki daaru and Mess ka khaana. You see, everyone in today’s fauj is out to sell you. An NCO will try to make a fool out of a young inexperienced officer by quoting absolutely wrong rules regarding numerous boards to be held or documents to be signed. I was once detailed for quarterly check of fuel store in my unit. They thought what will a lady officer and that too a captain sahab know about fuel. They were in for a surprise. My name never appeared in such a sensitive board again. Again name detailed for a condemnation board. I refused to sign till all the items are displayed in front of me. Again name changed from the board. Not to forget the lower ranks never had any items to display barring broken plastic buckets and gardening instruments and few broken tea cups. The carpet and sofa to be condemned or not were nowhere in sight. You can very well imagine where they were. I am giving these examples to tell you that the corruption in defence is everywhere. From the smallest of the stock taking board to the highest echelons. Coming to MES. I had to write an RTI to get two CFLs changed in my house. I was sick of paying for them form my pocket for two years of my tenure. They kept on telling me that they didn’t have CFLs in stock for two years! I had called up and politely requested all the faujis in MES but to no avail. As soon as they received the RTI, there was a call from highest officer in the station who called me for an interview. He was counselling me as if I had committed a crime. Needless to say I gave him a good verbal thrashing and showed him the photographs of my house and threatened to send them to people sitting at the top. And only The was basic work carried out in my house. Basic work. Which should be a routine. The MES was not doing me a favour. I had to fight for it.

Had to straighten out the Quartermaster because my share of tea leaves and coffee powder was being sent to his home. When I asked the NCO that I have not received any tea or coffee in 3 months, he told me that supply depot only isn’t procuring. Called up the supply depot in front of him. They obviously said that they have been procuring it regularly. Threatened the NCO. The truth came out. And my ration came smoothly for the rest of the tenure.

I have full written proof of all the wrong doings and corruption and the harassment that I have faced. I am a third generation fauji. And I will never allow my children to join forces. Never ever.

I feel that life of a civilian is better. You pay the money and get the work done. Rather than fighting for everything what is rightfully yours and loosing peace of mind.

I have faced this difficulty probably because I come from that division of fauj that doesn’t get any sahayak or vehicles. Yes. There are services in the army that do not have any manpower support and are over worked.

After almost two decades of fighting what is rightfully mine, I have decided to give up.

I am too qualified to put up with this non sense. I did rather much earn a bit less but live peacefully and with dignity in a civilian life where I know that everyone is paying for what they are enjoying. ( I mean the corporate world and not the civilian employed by the state or central Govt which again is the same story as defence).

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