Islamic Banking,a namesake not practical concept in Pak?

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We have a lot of banks claiming they provide Halaal islamic banking,Bank Islami,Meezan Bank to quote.They aint working on interest?

Islamic banking is still in the stage of evolution. No one disputes that there is a definite desire amongst Muslim savers to invest their savings in the venues which are permitted by the Shariah. Nevertheless, they must be provided with halal returns on their investments. Islamic scholars and practical bankers took up this challenge and have made commendable progress in the last few decades in providing a number of such instruments. However, the concepts of Islamic banking and finance are still in their early stages of development and Islamic banking is an evolving reality for continuously testing and refining those concepts.

Islamic banking and financial institutions have now spread across several Muslim countries as well as non-Muslim countries. Various components of the Islamic

financial system are now available in different parts of the world in varying depth and quality. A detailed and integrated system of Islamic banking and finance is gradually evolving. Theoretical arguments and models developed by Islamic economists and the successful practice of hundreds of institutions in heterogeneous conditions both testify to the viability of Islamic banking as Islamic banking model provides a complete banking solution to all the business needs of the customers while remaining with the boundaries of Shariah. The average growth rate of assets in Islamic banks over the past twenty years has been around fifteen percent per annum. Islamic banking institutions have come of age now and are realizing a high degree of success in respect of market penetration. This is considered remarkable in view of the fact that the markets in which these Islamic banks were established have had highly developed and well-established commercial banks as their competitors.

Another manifestation of the success of Islamic banking is the fact that many conventional banks have also started using Islamic banking techniques in the conduct of their business, particularly in dealing either with Muslim clients or in predominant Muslim regions.

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