What kind of people will not succeed in life?

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  1. Succeed in life

    I consider my life to be a success, because my goal is to make other people feel important.
    I will notice you. I will talk to you. I will be an active listener. I will remember your name. I will remember birthdays and anniversaries. Most times, if I meet you, you’ll have a friend for life.
    Genuine compliments are my specialty. A success is when I can put a smile on your face.
    Age doesn’t matter; adult or kindergartener. Children need encouragement and interaction from someone other than a parent.
    If I can brighten one person’s day, to me that’s success.
    A people person will be a success. A people pleaser will not.
    From my perspective, money does not equal success. It’s the inside of a person I look at.

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