Life Lessons: When do you know your life has changed?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: When do you know your life has changed?
Being a doctor there are few incidences i would like to narrate,

1. I was i labour room, performing a delivery. Her entire family was outside, waiting for the birth. She was in excruciating pain. Labour pain is most unbearable pain experienced by human beings on pain scale. It take a lot of effort on the part of mother in natural labour. Nursing staff has to continously encourage mother to push. The entire process is full of agony and as the baby comes out and after cleaning and warming the baby, when you hand it over to mother and just see the look on her face, you understand, something has changed.

2. When i was in emergency ward, it was my first night duty and i was in call for 24 hours. There was no patients. So i was talking to my friend about how irritating it is to be not able to sleep and was feeling very drowsy. Suddenly a patient comes, 5 yr old boy brought by his father in a road traffic accident run over by a truck. We all get up and everyone becomes alert. We check the boy immediately only to find that he was brought dead. I went to break the news to father.i could see that he was looking at me with utmost expectations that i would tell him good news yet with the tinge of fear that something bad has happened. With most difficulty and hiding the emotions under my professional demanour i tell him the news and to this day i remember his sudden outburst of tears. I can still feel the agony of a father for his son and i knew something has changed.

3. I was sad as month was coming to an end and i had only few hundred rupees left to go through. Walking by the OPD( outpatient registration department ) of my hospital. There was this aged woman around 70 yrs sitting with her grandson may be who i noticed was having squint. She was arguing with the man on the counter for how the fees for registration paper at our civil hospital has increased to 10 rs from 5 rs. Previously and that she would not have any money left to go back to her village. I went there and paid for her registration and give her 100 rs and while i was going back, she kept her hands on my head and started crying. And for some reason i was not worried on that day anymore.

4. I was young posted in ophthalmology and i was on call. It was my first day of the first posting. I got a call for a patient and i was in my room with my friend. We were watching a movie. He asked me if i am not going for the call. I out of my naivety said, ‘ its just ophthalmology call. Its not like that he is going to die if i am 5 min late.’
What he said was the lifelong lesson for me,’ yeah. You are right. At most what can happen. He will lose his eyesight.’ And i knew right there from my first case i am never going to neglect any patient because from my frame of reference the suffering may not seem much but to patient, its the most important thing at that time and i got a lesson in medical ethics which i never forgot.

5. At the start of medical school, we had to perform dissection on dead bodies. At first with our own concepts of life amd death, all of us are scared but as we learn more and realize how much benefit the dead man is actually doing to the society by helping doctors learn i felt a sense of gratitude and i understood death as not some sort of end point but just a milestone for new begining.

6. I was checking blood pressure of a mother in a delivery ward and when trying to wrap around the cuff on her arm, i noticed the gross malnutrition and it hit me with that many woman who come to maternity wards are having same problem of undernutrition while comparatively male patients are mostly well built. And the ugly face of discrimination was staring right at me through the gap between the cuff of blood pressure appratus and her arm and i realize somethings need to change.

Being a doctor is the most beautiful thing happened to me. I would never have been the same person, had i not been a doctor. But i understood one thing while In performance of my duty is that my duty covers some or other rights of someone. Similarly responsibilities of everyone of us covers someone’s rights. If everyone performs their duties, no one would have to fight for their rights.

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