What is life like at LUMS?

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Mudassir Ali
- Dec 18, 2019 03:01 PM

I only ever productively work in the library because I feel like I should be working in the library because everybody else is working in the library (or at least giving the impression of doing so).
While we’re on the issue of the library, the fact that I can never get an empty cubicle makes me want to throw out the bag of the person who left that bag in a cubicle and hasn’t shown up to use it for the past 4 hours.
The trays at PDC aren’t really as cool as they first seemed. Really, they’re just bumpy from the base and are thus consistently wobbling. Your move.
But then, PDC’s chicken cheese bread makes life worth living.
The space outside SSE with the pillars is the best place to sit because its all light and airy, and also the steps outside the Academic Block are never free.
The cats really like it here. Some people really don’t like this fact

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