Moose meat is delicious. Why don’t we raise moose and other delicious animals as livestock?

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  1. Due to their 1500 pound and larger mature weight the cuts of meat from a moose would be much to large for today’s market selling to small famlies with a much reduced appetite for meat.

    Moose would be more expensive than elk to fence in. Moose also wander long distance. I have seen pictures of both bear and moose roped on the streets of Hooker Oklahoma. The Moose was at least 750 miles southwest of its normal range.

    Moose being wetland animals would be difficult and expensive to harvest on commercial scale and get to a slaughter house in condition to meet sanitary food processing rules.

    In short it cost too much to produce a product that does’t fit the market and would be seen by most as extremely Politically Incorrect. It would meet less resistance than selling dog meat but trying to sell Moose meat would probaly loose more money due to the much great cost of overhead.

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