What are the must read magazines and articles for IAS preparation?

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Unarguably the best magazine for Civil Service preparation. Its articles are written by eminent scholars and bureaucrats and are extremely useful for mains and interview.

Some of the issues viz. Good Governance (Feb 2013), Inclusive Governance (Aug 2013), Public Administration Reforms (March 2014) etc are brilliant. One must have a look at last 2 years Yojana.

Monthly policy review by PRS | Home is a good source for all government policies, bills and programmes. It is very useful for GS Paper – 2

The articles in the magazines are highly researched and authentic. For example questions on climate change, disaster management in GS Paper -3 can easily be tackled.

If Time Permits

Science Reporter
The magazine published by CSIR is very good. I did not have time to read through every issue so I occasionally referred to some issues.


Although the magazine is good but I did not find it to be of much relevance to the current scheme of the examination. At best one or two issues can be referred.

The articles are highly biased and don’t present both sides of the argument.

EPW is an excellent magazine but its utility for UPSC is quite limited. Its articles are quite technical in nature and requires multiple readings to get a feel for the topic.

Coaching Factories Monthly Magazine
If you visit any bookshop in Rajendra Nagar, Karol Bagh, Mukherjee Nagar etc. you will find tons of weird magazines bombarding you with irrelevant information. These magazines are best to be avoided.

One must remember that the goal of preparation is to clear the exam in the least possible time and not to do a PhD on a topic. Indulging into a hairsplitting exercise on every topic will make your preparation a 5 year affair.

Answered on January 14, 2019.
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