What do Pakistanis think of Indians?

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  1. As a Pakistani, I have a lot of respect of Indians. But that respect just goes down when it comes to the media for example, Bollywood or the News Channel.

    I really hate how inaccurately Bollywood portrays Pakistan in its movie. A while ago, I was watching “Humko Dewana Kargaye” and oh boy, I wanted to tell the writer about the bunch of crap he made up about a Pakistani in that movie. He showed a Pakistani man (who dyed his hair blond?) addicted to porn, and was a complete pedophile. Overall, he was portrayed in such a negative manner, that anyone watching that movie would instantly form negative opinions about any Pakistani man. Since, Bollywood has so much influence on both nations, it is unfair to Pakistanis when they are portrayed in such a way that’s not even true.

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