peoples visit experience in Pakistan

Mudassir Ali
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peoples visit experience in Pakistan

Mudassir Ali
- Jan 06, 2020 04:32 PM

Yes i have visited pakistan in 2013 with my father and uncle . My uncle had visited pakistan 12 times , so he took us with him . My father was warned by his fellow indian friends that you will be stuck up and will be kidnapped or killed . But my father was very excited and said that he will visit pakistan at any cost . Moreover we nepalese donot need visa for pakistan for upto stay of six months . We first went to lahore and visited some buildings and then went to karachi and enjoyed local cuisine . We also went to islamabad and stayed there for 2 days. Then we went to higher areas such as murree and upper mountanious areas of pakistan which i enjoyed the most .

my summary of pakistan according to what i have seen there :

Pakistani people are very friendly and of helping nature .
if you want to enjoy nature and climate of pakistan ,visit the upper areas of pakistan such as chitral and hunza valley , khunjrab pass , baltistan ( although the roads of mountanious areas is very dangerous especially of khunjrab pass and other areas)
pakistani cuisine is very tasty especially many types of biryani and sweets.
pakistani people are very friendly and caring as host . We lived in a house of hunza people who were very caring and refused to take charge of living in their guest house.
if you want to see monkeys climbing on your cars . There is place called per sohawa.
pakistani part of kashmir is very peaceful and calm compared to indian part of kashmir ( i have visited indian kashmir twice and my uncle was arrested for having a face like local insurgent . Although after clearance and interference / objection from nepalese embassy he was released. )
after seeing our bhadgaole caps , we were identified as nepalese and were quickly helped by pakistani people who helped us about local paths and went with us to leave us to hotel .
we were told by indians that we will be kidnapped by pakistani army and ISI but we saw nothing of that kind happened to us .
pakistan has huge possibility and resources of tourism .
i liked the baloci traditional dress .it is very cool and awesome .

Pakistani hilly areas was similar to that of nepal only difference was their traditional dress .

I loved my pakistan visit and will like to visit it again as soon as possible .

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