What are some places in Lahore to do a food drive?


What are some places in Lahore to do a food drive?

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  1. This is probably one of the best pizzas you can find in Lahore and it’s probably because it’s baked in a real brick oven. I mean is there a better way to enjoy pizza? It is the ultiMEAT (geddit?) experiance.Oh oh oh! Also, don’t forget to order one of their delicious shakes as well!

    Angus Beef Steak at Si Bon

    For all the steak lovers out there, it doesn’t get better than this. The steak is made to your taste with the perfect crunch of a well-cooked steak! It’s like having BLT in New York, minus the bacon of course. I recommend you have this steak the way it’s supposed to be: pink from the middle! We desis aren’t known for liking steaks

    Roast Beef Panini at the Pantry

    Health conscious? Scared of gaining weight by eating out? But still want to have a delicious meal where you can enlighten your taste buds? Well lucky you, this is what you need. There is still hope left in Lahore’s healthy cuisine folks. A herb filled sandwich grilled right in front you. Just make sure you get it on a whole wheat bread.

    Jalapeno Burger at Grill Hut

    Who would have thought that this Grill Hut stand in Barkat Market could produce some of the best burgers?! Yes folks, there is life outside of MM Alam Road! Jalpenioize yourself with the taste of this burger. WARNING: It will fire your taste-buds. And yes folks this is hygienic – all the chefs working are provided the essential tools to keep your meal healthy and the fire out of your stomach.

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