What is the most popular sport in the world?

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i want to know, What is the most popular sport in the world?

Muhammad Zeeshan
- Aug 02, 2019 01:30 PM

It depends on how you define “most popular”. But by most measures, the answer seems to be football.

If you mean which sport has the most participants, the answer is easily football. Estimates are that football is played by 250 million people around the world. To put that number in perspective, cricket is the second most participated sport in the world with 120 million participants, less than half than that of soccer.

If you mean which sport has the most attendance, the answer is either baseball or American football, depending on which measure you use. Over the past year, Major League Baseball has by far the top attendance with 74 million fans. Another baseball league is in second place, Nippon Professional Baseball at 24 million. Basketball, ice hockey, and American football take the 3rd thru 5th spots on the list, respectively. The most attended football league is the Premier League with a mere 14 million. Even if you combined the attendance of the top 5 football leagues (Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Football League Championship, and Serie A) they would total 56 million, still less than Major League Baseball. But this is skewed by the number of games in a season for each sport. Major League Baseball has 162 regular season games, while Premier League has only 38. If we instead consider average attendance per event, American football comes out on top with 69,000. Football comes in at 2nd with 44,000, and baseball slips to 5th at 30,000.

If you mean which sport is the most watched on TV, the answer is again football. TV audiences are difficult to accurately estimate due to the way statistics are gathered, but even by rough estimates football comes out on top. The 2014 FIFA World Cup had a total TV audience of 3.5 billion (No, this does not mean that half of the population of the entire planet watched the World Cup). Number 2 on the list would be cycling, with 2.2 billion viewers of the Tour De France. Out of the top 10 most viewed sporting events in the world, half of them are either football or cycling. But this number is also skewed because it favours sports that are popular in technologically advanced countries, which have greater access to TV.

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