Are the prices of an iPhone justifiable?

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    I have never owned an iPhone myself, but my wife owns a couple of iPhones. I find the iPhones drab and boring, comparing to my OnePlus, but that is just me.

    Back when I used to work at Windows Phone, I used to get a lot of competitor phones, including the iPhone for testing and somehow never got a liking to it. There seems to be no surprise/X factor in the phone in over a decade. Every update seems very incremental.

    Until the 7th generation, iPhones used to be ok for their price. They had a decent camera and had a long life, besides being reasonably ahead of the competition in battery life and processing power.

    Now, they are super expensive and stopped innovating. The iPhone XS seems way more expensive than the Macbook Air and find that ridiculous. Both are computers and find the Macbook far more useful for my daily applications.

    Given the massive price, I have finally convinced my wife to come out of the iPhone and join the OnePlus bandwagon. The 6T provides camera capability that is quite good for daily usage and for special occasions we get someone with DSLR anyway. 99% of us are not going to shoot anywhere near the ones on “Shot on iPhone” commercials. We don’t use as much computing on the phone and when I do, I believe the Android 9 has far more capability in terms of coding and library availability.

    Thus, iPhone’s price is no longer justifiable for my family or for many other Indians (Things are going from bad to worse for Apple in India).

    I’m an Apple fan and have been using the Macbook for a decade. I also have a couple of iPads. I have owned the iPods since early 2000s and use plenty of Apple tools. Just that iPhone is not one among those.

    However, iPhone price seems to be justifiable for many Americans [who seldom pay for the phone in one shot, but do it through a 2 year contract] and Chinese [who are rapidly growing rich and look for status markers from the west].

    Even there the Apple fans are ditching the iPhone and price seems to be a critical factor. Poor iPhone Sales Expected As Suppliers Fight Apple’s Serious Cuts

    Answered on January 17, 2019.
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