What is your review of Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan?

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Aabaadi means a population . Abad means a town or city. Hyder’s aabaad is Hyderabad. (Harder ka aabaad) . Hyder Mahal was the name given to Rani Bhagmati. She was the royal consort of the sultan who was ruling the Golconda Kingdom. Initially the city was called Bhag nagar by all,including the East-India Company. Aurangzeb came to conquer Golconda. After he conquered Golconda, for about 75 years Bhagya Nagar was neglected ,as the capital of the province ( Suba-e-Deccan )was Aurangaba City. Assad Jah-1 was mostly in Delhi and rest of the time at Aurangabad. His son Nasir Jang also was based at Aurangabad. His 3rd son Salabat Jang ruled from Bhag nagar. Salabat started building the Chow-Mohalla complex at Bhag nagar. His younger brother eliminated Salabat and occupied the Masnad of Deccan. Some two hundred and fifty years ago the city’s name was changed by the new rulers of the Deccan Suba.

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