Should BCCI select Dhoni for the upcoming T20 World Cup if he performs well in the IPL 2020?

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Mudassir Ali 3 months 1 Answer 54 views 0

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  1. Yes. I think Dhoni is someone who has tons of experience, and T20 World Cup is a big tournament. And, it’s good to have a few experienced players in the side who can guide you in tough situations. Moreover, his wicket-keeping skills are remarkable and he can finish the game very well, even now. He can hit the ball hard and get those quick runs in the last for the team. Even, in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 semifinal VS New Zealand, he could have got us off the mark, if he wouldn’t have been run out. So, I think he should be in the team for the T20 World Cup 2020 and that will also be a good farewell for him..!!

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