Should I go to Italy in September, or will I get the corona virus?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 12, 2020 02:22 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 12, 2020 02:23 PM

We testet more people (50000) sick or healthy. We have used a total transparency policies with internal and international media other countries are hiding the real data and making less swabs considering only people with symptoms. (Exist the healthy heralds phenomena)

we have an old rate population, more interdependence between generations (grandparents living with son and grandchildren), geographic characteristics of northern Italy or its High level air pollution . Maybe city planning has had some important influence (little space between building and apartments) A more active social life Of people of different generations.

Many Italian or Chinese containment measures become used to other countries of new infection as Germany or France or other countries. This is important cause the first unlucky countries are a sort of laboratories for next infected ones.

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