Should IPL, PSL and BPL be merged to form an Asian Cricket League of 21 teams?

Mudassir Ali 8 months 1 Answer 106 views

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  1. if we see from the point of view of a avid cricket fan.A league named SAPL(South Asian Premier League ) will be mega popular amongst the fans of all the three nations. And if it’s a 21 team league then if every team plays two matches with one team then a single team would play 40 matches!!!.It would came to be known as the premier league of cricket. But sadly it is almost unlikely to happen in any near future. And even if it happens then who will get which money gained from the tournament? Where will be the matches organised?and many more questions. But yeah there could be a exhibition league like this in a neutral venue with the money earned in it could be donated to some charity.

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