Should MS Dhoni retire from cricket now after his dismal performance in the World Cup 2019?

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  1. Well I would not call his performance as dismal at all. Chopping and changing the middle order, chopping and changing his position in the middle order does not help much. The team management is not to be blamed wholly because circumstances maybe warranted such a change. Yes one can say that today Dhoni could have come on to bat before Pandya but even Pandya and Pant did stitch a good partnership nonetheless. They are youngsters learning the tricks of trade and sometimes it doesn’t click. Moments of brainfade do happen especially when the opposition is bowling so well.

    Onto Dhoni. Expecting him to fire like the vintage Dhoni is asking a bit too much. Yes maybe his IPL performances do speak otherwise but conditions are different which do matter a lot. Dhoni is more of a person who takes time to settle, and tries to go for the big shots at the end. He is a person who builds the partnership, plays second fiddle and then unleashes at the end of the innings. Hence he could have come on to bat early, but let’s just leave that aside. Even with Jadeja, he played the perfect foil. Yes strike rotation was slightly lesser because it was difficult to do so.

    He is beyond his years but his fitness and presence of mind on the field speaks otherwise. This is not the right time for someone like Dhoni to retire. That too abruptly. The team, especially the middle order, is not in order and someone like Pant needs hands on training in order to be match ready for the upcoming matches as a keeper and a batsman. Dhoni needs to be there on and off the field as a perfect guide for some more time till the middle order is much lesser dependent on him. His retirement is inevitable, and has been in the cricketing circles since quite some time. In fact, players themselves have been preparing for such a decision to come from his side anytime soon.

    Again, it’s a call he has to take. He knows himself well. He knows the team well. He will never leave the team knowing it’s weaknesses. But hasty decisions are not what we want from him. People might argue, but in my Opinion he too deserves a farewell match – he too needs to be celebrated and to walk off the field deservedly.

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