Should “Sindh” be removed from the Indian National Anthem?

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In 1951 the government of India published the official version of the Indian national anthem. The word “Sindh” had been replaced by “Sindhu” as far as back then. Many people have argued that it invalidated the old version of the anthem and the Government of India has often been accused of not taking steps to create awareness of the change.

This view however has been held wrong by the Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court had upheld the use of Sindh in 2005. In 2011 Bombay High Court reiterated the same view. So as of now both the words Sindh and Sindhu are legally acceptable. Whether it should be socially acceptable is a whole different argument which frankly is only a matter of personal opinion.

There have been other issues with the national anthem as well. For instance there has been a long standing demand from North Eastern groups that they be adequately represented in the song, which as of now isn’t the case. So it’s a tricky issue and one can’t say what the national anthem should or should not include especially when not all Indian regions are representend in it in the first place.

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