What sport doesn’t have an ‘A’ in its name?

Feb 18, 2019 09:47 AM 0 Answers
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Muhammad Zeeshan
- Aug 02, 2019 01:28 PM

So you think you can fool me, huh? I’ll tell you some sports that dont have the first letter of the American alphabet in them.

  1. Rugby- Like american football, soccer, (sue me for calling it soccer) and a WWE match combined- without pads
  2. Uhmmmm… OH YEAH, SOCCER/FOOTBALL – If you dont know what soccer is go back to the rock you were hiding under
  3. HOCKEY-Usually played on ice skates, you go around with a little disk called a puck and control it with a long stick. Shoot the puck in a goal to score
  4. The list goes on, and I’m too lazy to write a real answer
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