What are some street food items that I should try in Lahore?

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What are some street food items that I should try in Lahore?

Yummy food to Lahories is what like oxygen to other living beings, Okay, if you’ve enough with the fancy fine dining. So, we all know, some of the best food in the city is, street food. Where, vendors are selling number of spicy and mouth watering food items, there you wont compromise on taste but yes hygiene would surely be missed. From spicy chaanas to meetha paan, we have listed an amazing variety of street food items that you can get on the go anywhere, anytime!

16 Mouth Watering Street Foods in Lahore – Street Food is a King of Food

Spicy Chaany

Spicy aloo cholay; is just the perfect blend of salad, spices and boiled potatoes with chick peas. To toss flavored, you can ask for chilli tamarind water more along with it.

Spicy Channa Chaat

Laddu Peethi

Since we are talking about street food Laddo Pethi is one special street food item of Lahore. One can easily confuse it with dahi bhally but it’s quite different with addition of crushed reddish and has laddu instead of Bhala in it. You can find it from Neela Gumbad and Abid market.

Laddu Pethi Traditional Lahori street food item

Regal kay Dahi Barry

If you want to eat something as a snack while you are out and wandering near Lakshami Chowk, you have go to try these most famous Regal kay Dahi Barry is definitely perfect treat. Don’t forget to add chutney in your plate.

Famous Dahi Bhaly

Gol Gappy

Take a break from your shopping and grab a plate of some sweet, sour and spicy Gol Gappy. Gol Gappay are a delight that need to be experienced to be understood. The crispy shells filled with chickpeas, dip into turmeric sauce and let the flavors run rampant on your taste buds.

Roasted Nuts/ Channy Makai

These seasonal vendors make you feel a delight of winter with roasted nuts, it’s good grab if you’re hygiene conscious or want to munch on some healthy stuff. In fact, a desi goodness to get you through the winters.

It’s Winter Treasure


You’re out for shopping, doing some Sunday fun so what about to have fries as a snack. These are amazingly tempting, easily available and favorite to all.

Fries a Divine Food For Everyone


Shawarma is a little piece of heaven and new addition in street food. As this idea came from Mediterranean Shawarma but the original version of shawarma has lost it’s identity and it’s all turned desi now. Favorite snack of many, you can get easily on the go.

Some new addition in Desi Street Food, now available at every street corner

Bhutta (Grilled Corn)

Sometimes you don’t want to feel guilty by experimenting with street food. Well, at that times all you really need is grilled corn on the cob. Nothing taste like a warm salty grilled corn.. What you say!

Ghanny ka Rass (Sugarcane Juice)

This sugarcane juice is, must have drink in scorching summer days, amazingly refreshing and makes you feel relief from unbearable heat.

Ganny Ka Ras – Sweet, Delicious, Energy Booster


In hot summer days, don’t forget to grab a Kulfi from nearest street carts! A local version of ice cream and one perfect summer sweet treat.

Desi version of ice cream, its the old traditional treat.


A crispy deep fried treat made out of moong dal or gram, is a great way to satisfy hunger. It is usually served with green mint chutney which serves to exemplify the experience.

A crispy and flavorful street food

Gola Ganda

Gola Ganda is traditional ice lolly equally famous all across Pakistan. Ice shavings doused with different lovely colored and different syrup toppings make the gola ganda a Godsend. Nothing beats the summer heat better than the gola from the street!

Kids favorite thing colorful ice gola


Golden crisp fried Jalebi dripping sheera (treacle) from it, hits the spot like no other. Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, then you must have these, there is just no way that you have missed out on eating jalebis before as it’s considered cultural sweet.

A traditional Sweet

‘Pakaory’ How Can We Miss These!

The best fried snack one can desire for especially when it’s raining or if it’s not then remain even king of street food and Ramadan special item.

A real king of Pakistani street food

Samosa Chaat

Samosa chat is spicy, tangy, sweet but quite a new trend in street food items, perfect to stimulate taste buds in the process. You can find the best samosa chat from Ghalib market Gulberg, Bombay Chowpatty and G1 market, Johar Town.

sweet and spicy samosa chaat

Metha Paan

Here, end up your street food journey with Pan. A sweet treat amazingly colorful. Green leaves filled with different tasteful items that everyone loves.

End of street food journey Meetha Paan

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