The coronavirus is in my city very close to me. What should I do?

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  1. You’re probably going to die. It could happen anytime between today and around the year 2100, so you better be careful because the odds are almost exactly the same as they were a year ago. At the minimum, you should eat a healthy meal once or twice per day, and maybe another that people would generally consider acceptable. It’s also somewhat important to bathe a few times per week. Avoid sleeping with people who have the virus, and any other situations that are likely to involve substantial exchange or mixing of body fluids like prolonged kissing, blood transfusions, things like that.

    When you’re finally settled in a routine that includes those things and around 6 to 8 hours of sleep.per 24 hours, with occasional exceptions, things like an education, a job you enjoy or can at least tolerate, maybe a loving and supportive relationship, possibly a hobby, a few friends, occasionally a party if you want, trips to the beach and/or mountains, paying your taxes or learning how to make them pay you, perhaps having children at some point… many of these could become very important, you probably have less than 120 years left to live, especially with this thing going around that has a lower infection rate than that rampant horror influenza, far lower death rate too.

    If you’ve never climbed a tree, you better do it soon. Skydiving will probably have to wait a few more years, if you survive this plague.

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