The decision of making Najam Sethi the 30th chairman of PCB is correct or not?


The decision of making Najam Sethi the 30th chairman of PCB is correct or not?

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  1. PCB elects Najam Sethi as its 30th chairman
    Zeeshan Ahmed | Dawn.comUpdated August 09, 2017Facebook Count
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    The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) elected Najam Sethi as its 30th chairman on Wednesday in a Board of Governors meeting at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore.

    Sethi, who is heading the successful Pakistan Super League, was elected unopposed. He is replacing Shaharyar Khan for the position and will serve a three-year term.

    “Infrastructure is being improved at the grassroots level and results will be evident in the next few months,” Sethi said while addressing a press conference after his election.

    Najam Sethi address Board of Governors meeting after being elected unopposed as PCB chairman. — Photo courtesy PCB
    “I am disheartened about women’s cricket, but that does not mean that I want to shut the women’s wing down,” he said regarding Pakistan’s dismal performance in Women World Cup recently and vowed to take steps for its improvement.

    “We are asking for a neutral venue for Under-19 World Cup, rather than holding it in India” he said, adding that the issue will come under discussion with the International Cricket Council (ICC) in his upcoming visit to Sri Lanka.

    Sethi being greeted after his election. — Photo courtesy PCB
    Regarding relations and bilateral series with India, Sethi opined that he had “not closed any doors”.

    “I think that as soon as relations between India and Pakistan improve, the Indian government will permit the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) to participate in a bilateral series,” he said, hoping for a healthy relationship with India in future.

    Former chairman Shahryar Khan released a statement congratulating Sethi on his election.

    “I am sure his experience and guidance will bring cricket in Pakistan to higher levels and will end Pakistan’s isolation in international cricket,” Khan said.

    Sethi has also previously served as PCB chairman intermittently in 2013 and 2014 when former chairman Zaka Ashraf and the government were involved in a litigation regarding the position.

    He was then selected to serve as PCB’s executive committee chief while Shaharyar Khan was elected as the chairman in August 2014.

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