What advice would you give to someone starting stock trading?

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  1. Finance and evaluating stocks are quite common sense fields ,however ,in general people take quite an academic text book sort of approach to quickly learn the fundamentals and go in . All the practical knowledge of dealing with different scenarios of evaluating stocks , comes through years of trading and analysing the market and your own specific portfolio .
    Besides financial knowledge ,a good trader needs to have overall knowledge of economics ,marketing , even IT to understand various facets of the markets , global economy and technology being used to conduct trades . Today it’s just about data analytics as in how to incorporate the vast information related to a single stock into the system to select the best returns possible . Those who are good at programming and like dabbling in excel and have a creative bent of mind with all the knowledge as described above will be quite successful in picking stocks that give them/ clients good returns
    Play by the rules . There are instances when people do cross the line and bet on stocks based on illegal ways like insider information etc. Indian laws are not too stringent on these,as of now , but again ,it’s just a matter of time . They can catch and make one pay dearly for bypassing the rules .
    The motive for a good stock broker or financial consultant should be to respect the client and the markets . If you are just getting in it for money , sure enough you will make truck loads if you are good ,but then at some point lose the thrill of the game . Just get in it or any other field to exercise your passion and contribute to the field .

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