What are four characteristics of the population of Pakistan?


What are four characteristics of the population of Pakistan?

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  1. I am a Pakistani citizen.

    Pakistan’s population is a diverse, widely multilingual, multi ethnic group of individuals.

    I have found the following four characteristics of the population to be most significant:

    Pakistan’s population is extremely hospitable: hospitality towards guests of all kinds is a custom across Pakistan, regardless of location or household.
    Pakistan’s population is very charitable: Pakistan is home to the world’s largest ambulance network, free of cost for all patients.
    Pakistan’s population is home to a dynamic youth: Young Pakistanis have won Nobel peace prizes, broke Guinness World Records, achieved stellar academic grades, and become Microsoft Developers.
    Pakistan’s population is very celebration focused: religious, national and family celebrations are very vibrant in Pakistan, with a number of celebrations that can last days.
    Pakistan’s population is dynamic, vibrant, charitable and hospitable.

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