What are good things in college life?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 21, 2020 04:36 PM

Originally Answered: What is the best thing about college life?
There may be many different answers for this question.

Here is mine.

The very best thing happened in my college life is FRIENDSHIP. There are many quotes about friendship which we can mention them simply in Facebook/WhatsApp status. But mine is different. Trust me, every friends I had in my college life is such a special gift of God to me.

Everyone may do many things like sleeping during lectures, trolling lecturers, last-minute assignment submission, Bad-English HOD, sight, crush, bunk, outing, kidding, laughing, reading, fighting, loving, hating, enjoying and many more ‘ings’. But I’m damn sure that those things must not be happened without ‘friends’. For every little things we do, we definitely need a friend. Without friends, all our college life would be incomplete.

I’m living in this world for consequent 21 years, still those 4 years occupied the best part in my life.

There were many gangs in my class. We even held some mini gang-wars within our class. But, we don’t give upon each other when it comes outside the classroom.

“The individuality of caring each other and the unity in facing problems” is the common thing we did.

People who still stays with their college friends are the luckiest. And I’m one of them. But, a very few of them stays with me. I miss the rest. 🙁

Thank you for asking this question, and remembered me about my ever-heaven college life.

Life would be even more awesome if we last forever as a college student. 😉

I miss those days. 🙂

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